Edwin's POV: Dependence

Song:  Alone Together by Daley and Marsha Ambrosius


Dependence starts when we are born and lasts until we die.  We mistakenly fall prey to the myth that successful people are those that help rather than need, and broken people need rather help.  But the truth is that no amount of money, influence, resources, or determination will change our physical, emotional and spiritual dependence on others ~ Brené Brown


We live in a world that embraces a culture of independence. This society encourages to not need, desire nor depend on anyone, only self! When you summarize it in context, "being independent means being lonely...alone".

God created and formed humanity to be relational, social, and intimate perfectly. He waters our thirst in our minds, feed our hunger in our hearts and our aches in our flesh. When we observe at His wonderful creation of flowers, He fashioned them unique and of distinction. His love is in the details of the creation which explains our design make-up individually with precise beauty.


I declare an unafraid declaration my dependency to the 4 pillars: my grandmother Toña, my mother Maritza, Titi Lucy, Titi Lissette. They in their strange way taught, shaped, and assisted somehow. Because of them I appreciate, respect and honor all women. With no male presence they were amazing despite the circumstances. To my siblings, friends, and everyone who impacted me throughout my journey before and during my incarceration...THANK U! To Karla, my divine flower who in the last 4yrs has been my wheelchair, crutch and walker during my paralyze state of confinement. Gracias, Ma!

I could not travel this world alone without Gods divine timing to insert each one of you perfectly in my life.


I declare my interdependence with my partner, my flower and those ten toes. It took some time to root and adjust into a new garden. I've enjoyed every inch that it gained in the depths of the soil.

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