Edwin's POV: Flying

Song: Scars to your Beautiful by Alessia Cara

Voyaging through the decades, side steppin past the ages, life has left countless cicatrices. Unforgettable wounds. Scars that tell stories on an entire biography.

Recalling an intimate conversation, Karla expressed," People fear what they do NOT understand."

2 worlds distinctive yet one race. Secular opinions were created forcing many to buy into mundane divisions. When my internal whispers i follow despite my mind indifference. As i embrace life, greater is the truth of what i observe. Suffering onslaughts of attacks, experience develop by defined wisdom which makes living moving forward pleasantly acceptable.

First impression is important they say.... Karla introduced herself as a "FLYING SQUIRREL." I was fascinated to this unique discovery. When she asked me to come fly with her, she granted me access to her mind and a key to her heart. Communication became our flying safe haven as we filled one another's space with each other. She inquired of my healed wounds, I attended to her open ones.

Beauty is the very imperfection society rejects. Beauty is everyone God created. Beauty is unique. Beauty is the UNICORN God blessed me with. Beauty is the only Flying Squirrel that everyone feared.

So I responded to Karla's statement," I DO understand! I am NOT afraid."

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