Edwin's POV: In Her Shoes


Song: If I Were a Boy by Beyonce

Viewing perspective from the lens of another a person has to sit in a empathising position.....We have denims in common.....

"Please know this too."........"I love you"..... Words of a November 18, 2021 entry and excerpt from Karla.

Not sure those words then had any significance, I hold to the possibility of its substance patiently to behold the authenticity of its weight. With limited communication, counting the cost, a lot of patience and plenty of empathy, the foundation of building a fruitful home at the infrastructure is gratifying.

Active listening permits the freedom to embody her person. I'll wear her jean in our 20 minute calls or as she refers HONEYMOON calls. Beauty belongs to Karla, her fancy tresses is the crown of her glory. Processing her emails through the inner center slightly to the left, accepting her warm welcoming to have a seat at the fountain of her historical thought waves and documented present is beyond my pleasure.

When the house is fast asleep, I quietly stand in front of the mirror removing the denim along with the garments that represent the great Celia Cruz. In the stillness holding in view my complete nakedness, observing myself at every turn. Not confident enough to embrace what many feared..... My mind, my heart, my pulchritude and the birthmark which symbolizes the very END of my family's generational curse.

Being the firstborn with NO fatherly presences, a collective unit of strong woman raised me. The art of conveying distance from a woman's eminence is more at heart than your average male's comprehension. Witnessing women's identities stolen, taken for granted, NOT loved genuinely, respected, honored and appreciated is unsettling within my spirit.

Continually to grow, learn and taught by\alongside Karla, its a joy and MY understanding SHE'S TO DIE FOR even if it's not with me.......

Happy Mother's Day

***Special Note:  The shoes pictured belong to Karla's sister, Adrianne, who is no longer here.  She was the best auntie ever.***

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