¡Bienvenidos! Welcome!

La Matriz is a small batch operation owned and operated by Karla Armour, a fifth-generation baker of African American and Guyanese descent. Our breads, pastries, desserts, preserves and infused waters/teas/lemonades are a fine combination of the traditional flavors and recipes from both cultures along with classic culinary techniques.

Our Purpose

La Matriz Bakery is located in the Rosemoor community where Karla grew up and still resides. In addition to her
entrepreneurship, Karla is passionate about the food apartheid that plagues her community as well as wrongful convictions, mass incarcerations and sentencing integrity. Her loving support of the restorative justice movement has led to her creating a farm-to-table initiative where Epa-Akoma Urban Farms and La Matriz Bakery are the endpoints. The initiative will employ exonerees and other formerly incarcerated individuals to help them rebuild their lives and the Rosemoor community. Our business model is unique as the profits will be used to pay the staff and fund operations. The president and VP are NOT on the payroll.

Our Commitment

La Matriz Bakery loves to make new friends! We know that in order for our customers to become brand loyal to us, we have to be brand loyal others. Our partnerships include Dough EZ, Red Star Yeast, Clabber Girl and La Criolla, Inc. Using the best ensures that we produce the best.

Meet the VP

Edwin Martinez was wrongfully convicted and has been incarcerated since 1999. With the help of the Exoneration Project (EP), he has been fighting for his freedom. We met in 2020 when the EP gave me a list of names to send letters of support to for Wrongful Conviction Day. As our friendship grew, he has demonstrated sincere support for the bakery and its vision. He plays a significant role in our growth!


Purchases can be made at our Etsy store https://lamatrizbakery.etsy.com . Ask about special order possibilities! Please advise about food allergies/intolerances. Drop a line at lamatrizbakery@gmail.com or (773) 656-6650 .